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States whose citizens may enter without visas due to their visa liberalization with Schengen area: Antigua Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Brunei, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Seychelles, St. Kitts and Nevis, Uruguay, Venezuela, Macao (China). For staying more than 90 days within the period of six months, they need to get visa type D.

There is a €1 road tax for the first 60 days of your stay. For every additional day it is €1 per day. Be sure to receive a receipt and keep it with you, as guards may request it upon exiting the country as proof of payment. The former €10 entrance fee per person has been abolished. The Albanian guards are very nice and do their best to help out and will, on occasion, allow fees to be paid in dollars or will forget to charge you. It's worth making sure you've got the Euros on you as the customs officers at Mother Teresa airport don't give change.

Be careful not to be charged the €1 road tax again when leaving the country. In that case the border guard assumes that you didn't pay the road tax when entering the country.

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is located just 15 minutes away from the city. It is served by numerous European carriers such as British Airways, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Austrian, and the low cost carriers Eurowings and Belle Air. There is a large and modern terminal and a tourist information center.

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24/7 and it will cost you €10,99. The national toll-free number to call a taxi is 0800 5555. The international number to call a taxi is +355 67400 6610.

At the airport exit there are also numerous taxis 24/7 that can take you to the city. The taxi fee to the city center is €11-€15 (1500 - 2000 lek). Taxi fees to other locations are available .

There is a bus that runs once an hour between the airport and Skanderbeg Square, called Rinas Express. It costs 250 lek each way and leaves on the hour from both the airport and from Skanderbeg Square. It runs from about 8AM to 7PM. The trip takes around 25-30 minutes. From the airport exit doors, walk towards the parking lot past the taxi touts to find the bus stop. At Skanderbeg Square, the bus stop is located around the northwest corner, near other bus stops. The bus is not only punctual but sometimes even early, so plan to be there a few minutes in advance. Do not be intimidated by the signs not mentioning "airport" or any variation of it at the Skanderbeg Square stop. "Rinas" means the bus goes to the airport. If in doubt, ask the locals, who will be happy to point you to the correct bus.

Another cheaper and convenient way to reach the Albanian Riviera in Southern Albania is by landing in Corfu and taking the hydrofoil to Saranda.

It is not possible to enter or leave Albania via train. There are, however, trains that operate within the country. Though the service is limited, the price is inexpensive. There is no direct service to Tirana, due to closure of the capital's only railway station. Tirana is served by renovated Kashar station located 10 km west of the capital.

The diminished flow of readers from Facebook to news sites is not an accident. Some of it may be due to readers’ fatigue and the gradual normalization of Trump’s presidency. But Facebook has also pulled back from the news business intentionally. In June 2016, it announced a shift in philosophy , prioritizing posts from individual friends and family over those from groups, brand pages, and (to a lesser extent) news outlets. The effects appeared relatively subtle at first, but Facebook acknowledges they likely compounded over time. Then, in January 2018—a time when it was under heavy fire for its role in elections and politics around the world—Facebook announced another major change to how its news feed algorithm chooses what you see when you load up the platform, this time de-emphasizing news publishers in particular and skewing the feed further toward posts from individuals.

At the same time, Facebook said that it would focus on boosting higher-quality news publishers in its rankings, Officine Creative Ruched Suede Ankle Boots w/ Tags Discount For Cheap 2018 New For Sale Discounts Cheap Online Free Shipping New Arrival vmWqkOLsJ
and prioritize their content ahead of clickbait, propaganda, and fake news. (Facebook also said it would prioritize “local” and “informative” news sources, in different ways.) Facebook hoped these changes would help to stem the abuse, manipulation, and general cacophony that had polluted the platform during and after the 2016 elections.

For every five people that Facebook used to send to Slate about a year ago, it now sends less thanone.

News organizations, which had already seen their Facebook traffic dry up over the course of 2017, weren’t sure what to expect. Would they be pummeled by the overall algorithm change? Or might Facebook’s newfound focus on credible sources help to stabilize their traffic and entrench the social network’s importance to their business? On the whole, Facebook predicted that the proportion of news in the average user’s feed would dip from about 5 percent to 4 percent. That’s a small adjustment for Facebook but potentially a big hit to the publishers relying on it—especially the ones that failed to rank highly in user trust surveys.

Precise numbers are hard to come by, because most publications don’t share them, and neither does Facebook. But studies drawn from public data such as likes and shares suggest that the renewed emphasis on posts from friends and family has had a noticeable impact on many news publishers, while the effects of Facebook’s attempt to emphasize trusted sources are harder to discern.

inRead invented by Teads

Indeed, sources at several major publications told me they’re now seeing less than half the referral traffic from Facebook that they were receiving in the first half of 2017. But few would go on record, whether because their employers consider the information private or because they don’t want to risk compromising their ongoing relationship with Facebook.

the Backbone way

MVVM (Model View ViewModel) is an architectural pattern based on MVC and MVP, which attempts to more clearly separate the development of user-interfaces (UI) from that of the business logic and behavior in an application. To this end, many implementations of this pattern make use of declarative data bindings to allow a separation of work on Views from other layers.

This facilitates UI and development work occurring almost simultaneously within the same codebase. UI developers write bindings to the ViewModel within their document markup (HTML), where the Model and ViewModel are maintained by developers working on the logic for the application.

MVVM (by name) was originally defined by Microsoft for use with Windows Presentation Foundation () and Dolce amp; Gabbana JewelEmbellished Ankle Strap Sandals Free Shipping Cheap Real For Sale Discount Sale Cheap Best Seller tXjGTc
, having been officially announced in 2005 by John Grossman in a blog post about Avalon (the codename for WPF). It also found some popularity in the Adobe Flex community as an alternative to simply using MVC.

Prior to Microsoft adopting the MVVM name, there was however a movement in the community to go from MVP to MVPM: Model View PresentationModel . Martin Fowler wrote an article on PresentationModels back in 2004 for those interested in reading more about it. The idea of a PresentationModel had been around much longer than this article, however it was considered the big break in the idea and greatly helped popularize it.

There was quite a lot of uproar in the "alt.net" circles after Microsoft announced MVVM as an alternative to MVPM. Many claimed the company's dominance in the GUI world was giving them the opportunity to take over the community as a whole, renaming existing concepts as they pleased for marketing purposes. A progressive crowd recognized that whilst MVVM and MVPM were effectively the same idea, they came in slightly different packages.

In recent years, MVVM has been implemented in JavaScript in the form of structural frameworks such as KnockoutJS , Kendo MVVM and Knockback.js , with an overall positive response from the community.

Let’s now review the three components that compose MVVM.

As with other members of the MV* family, the Model in MVVM represents domain-specific data or information that our application will be working with. A typical example of domain-specific data might be a user account (e.g name, avatar, e-mail) or a music track (e.g title, year, album).

Models hold information, but typically don’t handle behavior. They don’t format information or influence how data appears in the browser as this isn’t their responsibility. Instead, formatting of data is handled by the View, whilst behavior is considered business logic that should be encapsulated in another layer that interacts with the Model - the ViewModel.

The only exception to this rule tends to be validation and it’s considered acceptable for Models to validate data being used to define or update existing models (e.g does an e-mail address being input meet the requirements of a particular regular expression?).


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